Hackney salad

Hackney salad won best product in the fruit & veg category in the Soil Association Organic Food Awards

Hackney salad won best London Leaves in the Urban Food Awards 2015

Growing Communities produces over a tonne of salad a year on our Patchwork Farm in Hackney.  We grow 123 varieties of salad leaf for our salad bags – which means that every week our salad bags will contain at least 20-30 different types of leaf.  We’ve compiled a guide to our different leaves which you can access below.  But we guarantee our salad will include types of leaf you won’t find in supermarket salads such as red orache, salad burnet and winter purslane (miner's lettuce) – all of it grown on your doorstep!

Our main outlet for the salad is our own fruit and veg scheme and we aim to supply salad bags to the scheme for 10 months of the year – so all scheme members should get plenty of Hackney salad in their veg bags over the year. But Growing Communities also supplies salad to 32 different restaurants, cafes and shops in Hackney and Islington – giving even more people a chance to try our delicious salad.  

From April to August, you can buy Hackney salad at the following places:

Clissold Park market garden (fresh from the plot!), Mondays 10am - 4pm
Eat 17, Brooksby's Walk, by Homerton Hospital
Londis, corner of Fountayne Road/Northwold Road
Mother Earth, Albion Road
Nature, Stoke Newington High Street, by gates to Abney Park
Organic & Natural, 191 Lower Clapton Road, by Clapton Pond

Allergen information - Hackney Salad may contain mustard leaf and celery leaf.

Red Orache

Pancalieri Endive

Golden Purslane

Carrot leaf

Mustard Leaf - allergen


Miner's Lettuce


Turnip Tops


Aurora Orache

Cos Lettuce




Red-Veined Sorrel


Cornet de Bordeaux


Rouge d'hiver


Leaf Celery - allergen

Rainbow Chard


Salad Burnett


Buckle leaf Sorrel

Common Sorrel


Ceylon Spinach



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