Top tips for bag returns
Tuesday, 19th February 2019 by Chen

Veg packers Dom and Ben spent some happy times sorting out the returned bags and tags yesterday. Thanks so much for bringing them back to us.

They had a few tips for easing the process at our end that we thought it would be useful to pass on.

  • It's completely fine to return bags still with tags attached.
  • It's completely fine to return bags and tags separately too.
  • It's completely fine to send us carrier bags from other shops.
  • Please don't tie knots in the bags as it takes time to untie them.
  • Please reuse the clear greens/salad bags as much as you can - then put them in your normal waste or return them to a supermarket that accepts plastic bags eg Sainsbury's or Morrisons (usually larger stores). If you return them to us, we currently put them into non-recyclable waste, but are working hard to find the best way to recycle them. Read our most recent post about plastic packaging. We'll let you know as soon as this changes.
  • Please keep them coming.

Thank you!