What to do with Kohlrabi
Tuesday, 12th March 2019 by Rachel

Kohlrabis are not so common in the UK and their alien-like appearance can leave even the most seasoned veg scheme member stumped as to what to do with them. But don’t be scared. They're much like a carrot in many ways and once you’ve peeled it, it’s very easy to work with.

In German, ‘kohl’ means cabbage and ‘rabi’ is turnip, and that sums up it’s flavour rather well. The flavour is similar to the stem part of broccoli—kind of sweet, a little bit peppery, a little bit cabbagey. The texture is crunchy and juicy. It’s delicious raw but can also be baked, fried or steamed. 

You’ll need to remove the leaves and stems and peel it first as the skin is very tough. The leaves can also be eaten - treat them as you would spinach or kale.


Here’s some recipe ideas to get you going:



This traditional Greek salad is so simple, the kohl rabi really is the star of the show, making the most of kohlrabi’s delicate flavour with just some salt and lemon juice. It could be served as a light refreshing side dish for a Mediterranean spread or BBQ.

kohl rabi salad

Greek kohl rabi salad


Black lentil, roast cauliflower, kohlrabi & apple salad

Finely sliced kohl rabi makes a nice crunchy component to this more complex, fiilling winter salad


Soups & Stews

When cooking, think of kohlrabi like a carrot – it has a similar texture and sweetness and keeps it's shape when cooked. So you can add it to all manner of soups, stews and curries.

kohl rabi stew

Kohlrabi stew



They have been described as th poor man’s water chestnuts, because they provide a pleasing crunchy texture to stir-fries, without the expense of exotic water chestnuts. Add jullienned strips, or shredded kohl rabi to stir-fries near the end of the cooking process to add a little lift to your one-wok wonders.

Stir-fried bok choy, carrots, kohlrabi & ginger



Roasting kohlrabi brings out even more of it's sweetness and you end up with beautiful browned, caramelized edges. What's not to love?

roasted kohlrabi

Simple Roasted kohl rabi

Potato & kohlrabi gratin